Our History

OSYPKA AG was founded 1977 by Dr. Ing. Peter Osypka in Loerrach, Germany.

Our company features a very high level of vertical integration – our medical device products are designed, developed and manufactured from raw materials with a wealth of over 100 in-house technologies and production processes. Our well established and innovative medical products are sold under the OSYPKA brand name, and are also offered as contract manufactured products for international device companies.

The first OSPYKA product was an implantable pacing leads, that featured the first multi-filar braiding technique and thus was remarkably break-resistant. Today this feature is inherent in almost all pacing leads sold world-wide. OSYPKA implantable pacemakers, pacing leads and implantable adapters quickly became world-wide known as reliable quality implants, Made in Germany. Soon thereafter OSYPAK introduced transvenous and epicardial  temporary pacing leads together with single and dual chamber external pacemakers. Today, OSYPKA offers one of the broadest pacing portfolio, which includes a large selection of standard and specialty transvenous pacing leads, e.g. with stylet and screw-tip, and the greatest portfolio of myocardial pacing wires for post-operative surgery .

In 1986 the world’s first radiofreuency generator, the OSYPKA HAT100 was developed and used for the successful and curative treatment of a patient with WPW syndrome. The invention of RF ablation to treat tachyarrhythmias thus offered the electrophysiologists new ways to treat cardiac conduction disturbances. To this day, the field of cardiac electrophysiology is one of the fastest growing field in the medical device field. In honor of the 30 year anniversary, a scientific symposium was held in Munich in December 2016, featuring many pioneers from the start of RF ablation in 1986.

Since the early 2000 OSYPKA has been offering premium quality products in the field of interventional adult and pediatric cardiology, especially valvuloplasty balloons, and lasso- and snare catheters for lead extraction, e.g.. OSYPKA AG has always been dedicated to the development of specialty products for pediatric patients, and continues to offer innovative solutions in this field.

Together with the charitable Peter Osypka Foundation, OSYPKA AG supports international projects from pediatric cardiologists that offer treatment in underdeserved areas of the world.

Link to Video regarding the scientific symposium „30 Years RF Ablation“ held in December 2016 in Munich, Germany


Curriculum Vitae Prof. Peter Osypka Ph.D Ph.D. h.c.